Orange - cinnamon soap
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Orange - cinnamon soap

Handmade soap rich in vitamin C as it contains fresh orange juice and orange zest. The natural beeswax boosts its antiseptic action, while the orange, lemon and cinnamon essential oils nourish and moisturize the skin, offering radiance and vigor. Beneficial especially for people with dry and irritable skin.

ATHOS uses olives grown in Crete. Never aim for squeaky clean skin, as this means that all the natural oils have been stripped off the skin surface. No animal testing.

Choose your soap according to your skin type. Lather, enjoy. Rinse well. Keep soap dry between use.

sodium olivate (organic extra virgin olive oil), aqua (water), sodium cocoate (coconut oil), citrus sinensis juice (orange juice), prunus dulcis oil (sweet almond oil), cera flava (natural beeswax), citrus sinensis essential oil (orange essential oil), citrus limonum essential oil (lemon essential oil), cinnamomum zeylancium essential oil (cinnamon essential oil), citrus sinensis peel (orange peel).