Face care cream
Price €10,80

Face care cream

with Mastiha of Chios, incense and vanilla

It is suitable for facial tending. It helps the regeneration of the epidermis and it contributes to dealing with acne, wrinkles and freckles. It cleans oily skin and it soothes rashes and other kinds of skin irritations. Ideal for normal and oily skin.

  • 30ml

No water added. Thus, the creams last longer. No animal testing. You are advised to keep the creams in a dry and cool place.

Choose your cream according to your needs. Apply a small amount on your skin until fully absorbed. 

Olea Europaea oil (organic extra virgin olive oil), cera flava (natural beeswax), prunus dulcis oil (sweet almond oil), butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), Chios mastiha (mastiha of Chios), vanilla planifollia essential oil (vanilla essential oil), boswelia carteri essential oil (incense essential oil)