handmade soaps from organic olive oil, 100% natural

Our soaps are produced by means of cold process saponification, using organic Cretan extra virgin olive oil, filtered water, organic herbs and essential (ethereal) oils. Cold process saponification preserves all their valuable ingredients. They contain no preservatives, colors and synthetic fragrances. A small amount of olive oil has been replaced with vegetable oils* offering even more properties for skin care. During saponification, natural glycerin is produced and remains in the soap, making it soft, though better for our skin. The process we follow is environmentally friendly, as it requires minimum energy and it creates no waste. Our soaps are left to mature for at least two months before they are ready to use. They are handmade products of excellent quality, suitable for the face, the body and the hair.

*Coconut oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, shea butter and cocoa butter.

You are advised to keep them dry after every use, as olive oil soaps do not like moisture.

All Soaps are available in 110 g. and 25 g. bars.
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