It is a species of fruit bearing trees in the family Oleaceae, which is often met in Greece. According to the ancient Greek tradition, Athens is the home of the olive tree and the goddess Athena planted the first olive tree on the Acropolis Hills. Greeks were the first people to cultivate olive trees in the European Mediterranean Area. These days, olive trees are cultivated all over the world, whereas Greece holds the first place in quality and the third one in quantity of olive oil production.
Olive tree fruits mature in mid to late autumn, when the harvesting begins. They are basic in the Mediterranean diet. On one hand they are edible, on the other they produce olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil is of the highest quality. It is derived only by means of mild and natural mechanical methods. Consequently, the natural juice contains all the basic ingredients of the fruits in their pure form. Thus, all beneficial qualities for our health.
Equally important are the different uses of olive oil. Since ancient times, it is reported to have been used as a conservative, in tanneries, as a lighting means. Also, for the production of aromatic oils, for skin care and cleaning and for therapeutic purposes. Nowadays, its value is recognized, not only as a food, but as an excellent "raw material" for the production of cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparations.