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My skin is sensitive. Can I use athos products?

Athos workshop uses 100% natural certified raw materials for the production of our products . The excellent pure raw materials in combination with the production methods, make athos handmade natural products suitable for infants, children and people with sensitive skin.

Do your products contain synthetic fragrances or soap dyes?

Our natural products contain no preservatives, synthetic colors and fragrances. They are naturally coloured by fruit juices and herbs and scented with essential oils only.

How can I preserve my soap for a longer period of time;

Olive oil soaps do not love moisture. Keep them dry after each use. For even better results, put them in our wooden soap cases. The wood absorbs part of moisture so the natural soaps are preserved longer.

What saponification method is used and why;

Athos handmade soaps are produced by means of cold process saponification, using organic Cretan extra virgin olive oil, organic herbs and essential oils. Cold process soap making preserves all their valuable ingredients. Contains no preservatives, colors and synthetic fragrances. During saponification, natural glycerin is produced and remains in the soap, making it soft, though better for our skin. The process we follow is environmentally friendly, as it requires minimum energy and it creates no waste. Our natural soaps are left to mature for at least two months' time before they are ready to use, keeping with this unique method all the nutrients of the organic olive oil.

Are your soaps suitable for hair and face washing?

Athos handmade soaps are suitable for the face, the body and the hair. Choose the soap that best meets your needs. Let us mention that the lavender soap is ideal for the hair, as it removes dandruff and keeps hair healthy. Conifers soap contributes to the coping with acne issues and is an ideal choice for oily face care.

Can I use athos products for infants?

Of course. In athos workshop we produce handmade natural products suitable for infants. Specifically, organic olive oil soap is an ideal choice, while the restoring and therapeutic skin cream with balsam, chamomile and calendula is beneficial for nursing mothers and babies. Finally, organic chamomile extract with its soothing properties, relieves the baby' s irritated skin while offering relaxation.

How long the creams last?

Athos creams are made of organic olive oil, sweet almond oil, natural beeswax, organic herbs and essential oils. They contain no water, thus they are preserved for a long time in a dry and cool place. Also, thanks to their natural composition, an even smaller amount is needed to nurture the skin. So, they last even longer.